[Professional SurfingLessons]

Professional Surfing Coach, Suitable Surf-board.

Surf Details

Shaka Surf club believes:
Surfing is a simple, noble, and primitive romantic movement. This spirit is also applied to teaching.

Shaka surfing partner: world surfing champion Harley Ingleby

Surfing Lessons

Learning Goals

Learn how to surf safety and self-rescue methods, learn the basics of surfing skills and surf etiquette and safety rules.
Safely get in and get out of the waves
Be able to catch waves stably

Learning conditions
With a depth of less than half a meter below the chest, students who want to learn how to surf need to have a certain swimming base to ensure their safety. It's ok you can't swim if you just want to try.

Course Arrangement


Determine the beach environment, identify warning messages and their potential hazards.
Determine the underwater environment and choose safe surfing sites. Basic information and selection of surfboard and accessories. Basic movements (paddles, sit, turns, catch waves, etc.), and its main point.

Safety hazards and coping strategies in surfing. The identification of the waves and the dangers that come with it. To determine and give up The waves if the waves are not appropriately. Surfing etiquette, the actual operation of surfing rules.
Surfing gears use and care.
Self-rescue techniques.
Preliminary understanding of WWCT sea condition judging system.

Marine practice part:
The coach will lead the students to the sea, practice the action repeatedly, assist the trainees to catch the wave and stand up on board, and experience the fun of surfing.

Surfing Professional Lessons

Faculty: 1 coach to 2 Students
The fee of lessons: 480Yuan/one Lesson,1380yuan/ three lesson,2580yuan/six lesson
1080yuan/three lessons 2000yuan/six lessons

End of one lesson: students can successfully stand on board and experience the pleasure of taking off in waves!

End of three classes: students can catch white flowers with the help of their coach, basic control of paddle, sit, turns, etc.

End of the six Lesson: students can catch the white flower wave without the help of the coach and can successfully stand up on board, master basic movements, and have a basic understanding of surfing safety and etiquette rules.

It is recommended to take one class a day, other time to practice, and the time that in the sea is not more than 4 hours.

Including: coach/study day surfboard free use/sun protection clothing and face protection measures

Lesson Time: 120Minutes

From beginning to end, you will be trained by a coach to follow up on the learning situation.

Team Surfing Experience

Faulty: one coach to five students

The fee of lesson: 280yuan/person

Including: surfboard and coach fee

Lesson Time: 120Minutes

Lesson Goals: to make sure that every student can successfully stand up on board and experience the fun of surfing

Surf private lessons

Faulty: one coach to one student

Lesson fee: 680/one lesson,1980yuan/three lesson,3880yuan/ six lesson

Characteristics of personal learning sessions: one to one teaching, customized curriculum plan, Suggested friend who has a limited time but want to learn more, suggest to have a morning lesson, then practice rest of the day.

Including: coach/study day surfboard free use/sun protection clothing and face protection measures

Lesson time: 120minute/lesson

The one-to-one private education course is trained by a coach from the beginning to the end. The coach will follow the progress of the students and give daily feedback on the course.

Surfing guidelines:

Students are required to bring swimsuits, bath towels, etc.
The myopic student can wear the day throw contact lens or have the degree of the goggles;
Students must listen to their coaches and not surf the unfamiliar surf.


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