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your beach holiday!

Riding waves is one of the most unique,
fun and rewarding things that you
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Shaka Surf Club

Surf lessons

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Pressional Surfboard Harley Ingleby surfbaord

Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength

Each child is a little adventurer

Winter bilingual
Surfing camp

This summer vacation is different for children

Start your surf life here !

                       Be a Surfer !

Foods, Drinks, Stay, Don't you worry!


We have the brand new surfborad from World Champion

                come to choose your surfboard here

More than surfing, there are more beach games!

Snorkeling?Going to sea?Highway skateboard?MiniRamp?Beach Party?Reggae?
Join our beach life!

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    Hainan Shaka Surf Club
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    Tel: 0898-62275026
    Address: Riyuebay, Hainan, China

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